Time Management for Writers

One of the things I’ve struggled with in the past is time management. As I readied my manuscript for submission to agents, I began to realize how critical it is that I manage my time well if I want to be successful.

Quite frankly, it could make or break my career.

It is my belief that the publishing world today requires that a writer be prolific. We must write and produce quality content daily.

And as I begin to navigate all the channels that a writer could potentially tap into to further their career — I find that it is not only overwhelming — but extremely exciting.

We must produce content for our:

– book(s)
– blog(s)
– responses to blogs we like
– twitter
– facebook
– fan mail responses (for those lucky enough to have fans!!)

And I’m sure I’m leaving out tons more.

So, how do you do all of the above and be successful at it?


Yes, but how?

Since I’m totally new at this, I don’t have the answers. I’m searching Google (over 17 million sites on this topic) and other blogs for tips and tricks just like you.

Feel free to share if you have any. I’ll do the same.

MLUV:) Be blessed.



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