100+ Book Challenge — Book 1: Allison Brennan “Fear No Evil”


When his kidnapped 18-year-old sister Lucy will be killed live on the Internet in 48-hours, forensic psychiatrist Dillon Kincaid must get into the mind of a psychopath to figure out his next move, while also convincing renegade FBI Agent and computer expert Kate Donovan to help.

Daphne du Maurier Award Winner: Best Mainstream Mystery/Suspense
RT Book Reviews: Top Pick

Source: Allison Brennan.com

“Fear No Evil” is the first book I read for the 2011 100+ Book Challenge over at myoverstuffbookshelf.

Yes, I know I said I was going to purchase every book I read this year. But I won this one from Brennan’s facebook page in December. I promise I’ll buy the next one!

It took me awhile to read “Fear No Evil”, not because of the book itself, but just finding the time.  I haven’t read romantic suspense in awhile, but I really enjoyed it. I would read it for a while, put it down for a few days, and pick it up again, and I found that it was easy to get right back into the story. I didn’t need to re-read chapters or passages to remember where I was.

I find that now that I’m a “serious” writer — one side of my brain is tuned to reading for pleasure — and the other side is analyzing. And yes, most times both sides of my brain are duking it out in the middle.

For “Fear No Evil”, I decided I would focus that side of my brain on dialogue. I think writing effective and engaging dialogue is one of the most difficult tasks of the fiction writer. I know I struggled with it in my first book, and I’m sure it will continue to be a fun challenge.

Brennan handles it well and for the most part, I was able to keep track of who was saying what — and when.

Dialogue is important because when it’s done right, you can learn so much about a character. In real life, you can tell what’s on a person’s heart by what comes out of their mouth. The same holds true for your characters!

MLUV:) Be blessed.



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