Writing Through The Pains & Joys of Life

Since my last post on February 14, my life has been a rollercoaster ride.

— Updated my resume with the intent to only send it out in search of freelance/contract work for extra cash. Didn’t even consider leaving my current position.
— Saw a great job opportunity, sent in resume, they wanted me, I only wanted them part-time and they said ok, we’ll keep your resume on file.
— Did some thinking and decided it couldn’t hurt to talk to them. Had two interviews with the President of the firm and he offered me the job.
— Took a week of soul-searching and negotiation and ended up taking the job — more money, bonus potential, plus flex-time so I can be home when my daughter gets home from school. Pretty much everything I wanted.
— Got my first rejection letter from a publisher. That sucked. Bad. Really bad.
— My sister and I made a very difficult decision of putting my 80-year old mom in a nursing home. Best and safest place for her with the medical conditions she is facing, but it broke my heart.
— Will be seeing my ex-boyfriend in three months and it’s going to be very awkward. I still care about him, but he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about me, so I’m already feeling anxious.
— Tried to sell my piano, had two interested parties, but nothing happened so I’m back to square one.
— Tried to go on a diet, exercise in the morning, stop eating chocolate — but that only lasted about an hour every time I tried. The only exercise I’ve been doing is opening up the fridge door.

How do you write through the pains and joys of life? Tell me!

MLUV:) Be blessed!


2 responses to “Writing Through The Pains & Joys of Life

  1. Congrats on the new job opportunity–it sounds perfect for you. And I know how tough the situation with your mom is. Don’t worry about producing anything specific with your writing right now. Let it be something you can go to to get away from stress and heartache. Writing won’t go away. It’ll be there when you’re ready. 🙂

  2. I never thought about my writing as being something to get away from stress and heartache. You’ve opened up my eyes. Thank you! 🙂

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