About Dominique

Although she is a first-time fiction author, Dominique Peters is no stranger to the writing world. 

When she was in college, two of her poems were published in her college literary journal and her writing professor urged her to “continue writing…no matter what happens in your life.”  Of course, she didn’t listen to her and instead decided to shuck the muse for married life and corporate strife.

For many years, writing compelling and informative web content, press releases and sales collateral for various dot-bombs, junk mailers and crazy ad agencies gave her a reason to get up in the morning…and climb into bed with a satisfied smile at night.  And hey, she was living in New York City. Life couldn’t get any better.

Or so she thought…until one day, while tossing out photos of her ex-husband, she unearthed her old poems and her professor’s advice. Two years later, a notebook of ideas and a firm belief in happy endings beget a dozen storylines and a new dream….to write sexy, emotional, contemporary love stories for women who love romance.

Teach Me Tonight is her first book…but certainly not her last.


One response to “About Dominique

  1. Daniel de Culla

    Yes I like You & Yrs. Dominique. You’re Yes.
    Kisses and Blessed be¡

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